Who dating marisa tomei

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Who dating marisa tomei

Yep, the Tomei’s are a talented bunch, as Adam is also a famous actor.Since 1994, he has starred in numerous movies, including Lovelace, Independence Day, The Truman Show and Fight. Although Marisa knew her passion lay in acting, she didn’t know if she could make a career out of it.Their relationship was often put under scrutiny because of the 12-year age gap between the two (Logan was younger than Marisa).However, the relationship eventually broke down, and the separated.In 2008, news hit the press that Marisa was dating the Prometheus star, Logan Marshall-Green.The pair dated for five years but were constantly off and on again due to their hectic schedules.Later on in her life, Marisa would strive to explore this ancestry further.

Thankfully, rather than stealing the remote off each other and pulling each others’ hair like most brothers and sisters, Marisa and Adam got on like a house on fire – probably because they shared the same passion.

Because of this, Marisa made the decision to go to college and better her education before making any rushed decisions. Unfortunately, she knew straight away that college was not the right path for her, and quit after just one year.

Thankfully for us, she used her newfound freedom to focus on her acting.

Despite this close personal connection, and the fact Marisa is Lisa Bonet’s best friend, rumors flew around the Hollywood rumor mill in 2004 that Lenny and Marisa were dating. Between 20, Marisa was officially dating Frank Pugliese, a famous artistic director and television writer who has brought us numerous plays and TV shows.

From the get-go, the couple had two things in common; they were both Italian, and they both had a passion for art. Although they were officially together, the couple kept their relationship on the down-low and rarely appeared in the press.

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A year later, she was romantically linked to the famous How I Met Your Mother actor, Josh Radnor.

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