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Dating is, conversely, a series of try outs for marriage – and marriage is important because who she marries will determine her future life situation and that of her offspring more than anything else, save for the family situation she was born into.In the West, if a woman wants to travel the world, buy designer clothes, and live in a big house, people will tell her to go work her way up the corporate ladder.Asian girls take their dating lives very seriously in a way that western women don’t.Dating is not primarily a fun activity on the way to love.The basic concept that runs through all “pickup” theories and “game” back in the West, the concept that will destroy your chances with Asian women, goes by many names.

Instead of receiving three strikes and being torn to shreds by Simon Cowell, Barris would beat a gong and the condemned performer would be mocked by B-list celebs.

Publicist Paul Shefrin, speaking on behalf of Barris' family, confirmed to the Associated Press that the self-proclaimed "King of Daytime Television" died at his home in Palisades Park, N. Born in Philadelphia in 1929, Charles Barris had a hardscrabble youth after his dentist father died of a stroke, leaving his family destitute.

He graduated from what is now Drexel University in 1953 and worked odd jobs until he found his way into television through a short-lived entry level position at NBC, which he followed with a gig at ABC.

A number of stars avoided getting gonged and went on to become famous: comedians Steve Martin and Paul "Pee-wee Herman" Reubens; country musician Box Car Willie; Cheryl Lynn, who would go on to record the disco hit on Broadway in 1977.

Barris was the Mark Burnett of his day, supplying network TV with 27 hours worth of game-show programming at his peak.

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It also caused me to leave a lot of get-able girls on the table.

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