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However, I didn't think our time together would be so short: 23 years from our first meeting (at Kanaka Creek Regional Park, I'm pretty sure) until I died? The evidence is clear that once I died, it was over.So I was unafraid of death—of the moment itself—and of what came afterwards, which was (and is) nothing.The Mars rovers probe was not quite half-way to Saturn. The World Trade Center towers still stood in New York City. K.—while Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Kim Jong-Il, Ben Ali, and Moammar Qaddafi held power in Iraq, Egypt, North Korea, Tunisia, and Libya. Will there be parts of their lives I'd find hard to comprehend right now? While I was still alive writing this, I was sad to know I'll miss these things—not because I won't be able to witness them, but because Air, Marina, and Lauren won't have me there to support their efforts.Jean Chrétien remained Prime Minister of Canada, Bill Clinton President of the U. In my family in 2000, my cousin wouldn't have a baby for another four years. What will they have studied, how will they spend their time and earn a living? It turns out that no one can imagine what's really coming in our lives.Neither of our children was out of diapers, let alone taking photographs, writing stories, riding bikes and horses, posting on Facebook, or outgrowing her mother's shoe size. I could have died in 2000 (at an "old" 31) and been happy with my life: my amazing wife, my great kids, a fun job, and hobbies I enjoyed. What will the world be like as soon as 2021, or as late as 2060, when I would have been 91, the age my Oma reached? I've never had to run for my life (something I could never do now anyway).Sadly, these are things some people have to do every day right now.Carnival Cruise Line is famous worldwide for implementing top-notch marine technologies, innovative construction methods and ship designs.

The new ship was named Carnival Vista and scheduled for delivery in spring 2016 (nearly 4 years after the Breeze entered service).So was my Oma, my father's mom, who was then 90 years old. Not that they could die any day, but that they should pursue what they enjoy, and what stimulates their minds, as much as possible—so they can be ready for opportunities, as well as not disappointed when things go sideways, as they inevitably do. I've never had to wonder where my next meal will come from.Neither my wife nor I had ever needed long-term hospitalization—not yet. I had no idea I would get it, certainly not in the next decade, or that it would kill me. Because I've come to realize that, at any time, I can lament what I will never know, yet still not regret what got me where I am. As I wrote this, I hardly knew what most of them could even be. I've never feared that a foreign army will come in the night with machetes or machine guns to kill or injure my family.Carnival Cruise Lines is a cruise ship company based in Doral, Florida (suburb of Miami USA).The company was originally independent, founded in 1972 by Ted Arison (1924-1999).

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