The 4 cs of dysfunctional dating

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The 4 cs of dysfunctional dating

Management came on work time while our workers had to take time off. Negotiations team members gave bargaining updates, and announced upcoming actions and activities. Next Negotiations Dates: Thursday, June 16 Wednesday, June 22 With the support from our negotiations team and county workers from last week’s action at the Children, Seniors, and Families Committee (CSFC) meeting, management heard us loud and clear that we wanted them to stop stalling and give us a contract now. (PDF) Our Negotiations Team met with management on May 18 and it is clear there’s still a lot of work before we can reach a fair first contract for workers. Remember: we do not need to clock in/out for our 15-minute breaks!With the support of members wearing stickers and posting flyers at the worksites every week, we continue to pressure management to give us a fair contract. – Economics: We proposed our financial package of annual and step increases. 4Cs Workers Speak at BOS Committee – May 20, 2016 Our early learning educators, parents and supporters from SEIU 521 Santa Clara County Chapter talked to the Children, Seniors, and Families Committee of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors on May 20.See photos and media coverage of our two-day strike action at Read more here.Our Two-Day ULP Strike Two weeks ago, our negotiations team and management mutually agreed to have our next negotiations meeting on Thursday, July 7.We requested the 4Cs Management/Legal team come back to bargain in good faith, but Jim said: “No, I’ll see you at the next bargaining date.” It is clear: Fred and Jim NEVER intended to bargain in good faith!Call Tom Torlakson, Superintendent of Public Instruction and acting Governor at 916-319-0800 to let him know Fred needs state oversight!Last Friday, management told us that they were postponing negotiations to the following week.

Read more in our latest newsletter: At a quickly-called all-staff meeting on August 16, 4Cs Board Chair Ben Menor announced that Fred Villaseñor is retiring after almost 45 years of running the agency.

Read on for more information: (PDF) 4Cs hires 4th union-busting lawyer After 10 months of contract negotiations with only minor issues to resolve, 4Cs Executive Management hires its 4th anti-union legal team to bargain with workers.

Meet James Hendricks Jr., a “super-lawyer” who brags on his website that he “negotiated first contracts after certification most often resulting with no agreement or terms most favorable to clients,” and that “he is a frequent lecturer on maintaining a union-free environment.” Read on: (PDF) Have you sent your petition to the Board of Directors? We will continue our fight for a fair contract that gives us the respect we deserve and puts kids first.

Despite 20 years of exemplary service, Mario Del Castillo has been fired after he spoke up publicly against the suspected mismanagement at 4Cs.

Without a union contract, workers are at their boss’ mercy.

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(4Cs) attended a Joint Committee on Legislative Audit (JLAC) hearing on June 28 demanding a state audit of 4Cs, as it has continuously made poor decisions that negatively impact the community and its workforce.

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