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There, Shelley befriended John Keats and Leigh Hunt, both talented poets and writers.

Shelley’s conversations with them encouraged his own literary pursuits.

For the next several years, Shelley and Mary moved from city to city.

While in Rome, their first-born son William died of a fever.

When the three finally returned home, Mary was pregnant. The news of Mary’s pregnancy brought Harriet to her wit’s end. In 1816, Mary’s step-sister, Claire Clairmont, invited Shelley and Mary to join her on a trip to Switzerland.

She requested a divorce and sued Shelley for alimony and full custody of their children. Claire had begun dating the Romantic poet Lord Byron and wished to show him off to her sister.

Shelley and Mary fled to Paris, taking Mary’s sister, Jane, with them.

They departed London by ship and, mostly traveling by foot, toured France, Switzerland, Germany and Holland, often reading aloud to each other from the works of Shakespeare and Rousseau.

Its premise shocked and appalled the faculty (“…The mind cannot believe in the existence of a God.”), and the university demanded that both boys either acknowledge or deny authorship. Shelley’s parents were so exasperated by their son’s actions that they demanded he forsake his beliefs, including vegetarianism, political radicalism and sexual freedom.

He learned to fish and hunt in the meadows surrounding his home, often surveying the rivers and fields with his cousin and good friend Thomas Medwin.

His parents were Timothy Shelley, a squire and member of Parliament, and Elizabeth Pilfold.

They eloped, but Shelley was soon annoyed with her and became interested in a woman named Elizabeth Hitchener, a schoolteacher who inspired his first major poem, , describes what a utopian society on earth would be like.

In addition to long-form poetry, Shelley also began writing political pamphlets, which he distributed by way of hot air balloons, glass bottles and paper boats.

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Before their second child was born, Shelley abandoned his wife and immediately took up with another young woman.

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