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Marriages are often most successful when both partners have similar interests, such as hiking, antiquing, or murdering children.

Fred and Rosemary West of Gloucester, England shared such a passion.

Hickock and Smith have been considered suspects in the Walker slayings since 1960, and Kyle Smith said Florida officials have expressed an interest several times over the decades in renewing the investigation.

DNA testing now has advanced enough that older material can be analyzed more effectively, he said.‘We can get smaller samples, more decayed samples, and still get matches,’ Kyle Smith said during a news conference at the city hall in Lansing.

We think we know our neighbors, those nice folks we chat with over the picket fence and borrow cups of sugar from. How horrified the neighbors of these 10 houses must have been when they found out that, mere feet away, innocent victims were tortured and hacked apart.Sarasota officials said Hickock and Smith fled to Florida after the Kansas killings and were in the area when the Walkers were murdered.The criminal duo checked into a hotel in Miami Beach on December 18, 1959, and checked out the next day, which was also the day the quadruple homicide of the Walker clan on their ranch about two hours northwest of Miami.Only eleven days after the deaths of the Walker family, Hickock and Smith were arrested on December 30 for the horrific slayings of Herbert Clutter, a prominent farmer and community leader, and his wife, Bonnie Mae Fox, along with their children, 15-year-old Kenyon and 16-year-old Nancy.He did copious research for the book, ultimately compiling 8,000 pages of notes and after the criminals were found, tried, and convicted, the author conducted personal interviews with both Smith and Hickock.

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The Sarasota County, Florida, sheriff’s office asked for the exhumation to collect DNA that could help solve the 1959 murders of Cliff and Christine Walker and their two children in the town of Osprey.

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