Radinputmanager clientevents onvalidating

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Radinputmanager clientevents onvalidating

Both have features that make them compelling- such as Rad Input's support for numeric "spinners" and Rad Input Manager's support for Required Fields- so it's important to pick the right control when designing your pages.

For richer UI with more interactive controls, Rad Input is currently your best choice.

NET developers want to validate form inputs today, that usually represents the beginning of a time consuming task where form validation controls are add to the page for every input that needs to be validated.

After the assorted Required Field, Regular Expression, and Range validators are added, their prosperities set, and some type of UI added to display their error messages, you're left with a page cluttered with markup that is unrelated to the actual layout or function of the form. Instead, validating form inputs becomes easy and painless: No markup littering.

Rad Input Manager is a very innovative control and- in my opinion- one of the biggest steps forward in simplifying ASP. In this optimization tip, we'll take a look a the Rad Input Manager (RIM) control to see how it simplifies form validation and see how it helps us improve page performance.

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IMPACT ON PERFORMANCEWhen you use Rad Input Manager instead of Rad Input, you're optimizing your page in two ways: To observe this, we'll create a simple test that is made-up of two pages: one page has 40 Rad Input controls (10 of each flavor, Numeric, Date Input, Masked Text Box, and Text Box) and the other 40 standard Text Box controls with Rad Input Manager (configured with 10 controls for each setting type, Numeric, Date, Reg Ex, and Text Box).

We'll load both of these pages in Fire Fox six times (on an empty cache each time) and measure total bytes received, Java Script bytes received, HTML bytes received, requests, and average page load time.

And as a bonus, when you use Rad Input Manager, users get real-time feedback when their input does not validate, enabling them to correct it before submitting the form.

In the Q3 2008 release, Telerik introduced a new control to the Rad Controls for ASP. Like Rad Input, it is designed to enable you to provided textboxes to your users that give real-time validation and feedback based on the entered text.

The big difference with Rad Input Manager, though, is that you don't have to add lots of Telerik Input controls on your page to get this real-time feedback. NET Text Boxes to Rad Input textboxes via the Rad Input Manager configuration- similar to how you can use Rad Ajax Manager to quickly ajaxify your page without littering it with Update Panels.

Now I'm only setting my validation rules once, and I even have the ability set the "Is Required" flag (something not available with Rad Input).

If I need to change the validation of a Text Box in the future, it's a simple matter of defining a new "Validation Setting" in my Rad Input Manager and adding the Text Box to its "Target Controls" collection.

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Page load performance was even better when the Rad Managers (Rad Script Manager and Rad Style Sheet Manager, for the unfamiliar) were added, extending Rad Input Manager's benefit to about 27% less loading time while cutting total requests in half (from 11 to 5).

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