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Finally, my best friend, an experienced gay warrior, said, “Quit trying so hard and just be yourself. ” Well of course that got my peacock feathers all ruffled, and I started strutting my stuff in a whole new way.Me — little Rickey — the confused heterosexual who was always homosexual underneath the mask, was a catch? How could I, the newly out guy, be what other gay men were after?That was the day I woke up and started to look deeper at the question: “Why would any gay guy want to date me?”♦◊♦At first, the answer to that left me rather depressed.Consider whether you can realistically handle this family dynamic -- if a mate invited you over to meet his kids, would you feel comfortable?You should also consider how you would handle rejection from a potential partner's kids.For long-term relationships, it's essential that you are clear on where potential partners stand on this issue.

Now if he’s hot, loaded, got a great sense of humor, can talk deeply, be vulnerable, laugh when he feels like crying, and rocks the mattress, then by all means grab him and don’t screw it up! Tired of playing date blanket bingo and coming up empty handed?While every relationship has its own unique characteristics, it's helpful to be aware of potential issues when dating an older man so that you can make an informed decision about your future romantic relationship.Professor of psychology and director of the Spirituality and Health Institute at Santa Clara University, Thomas G. D., says that compatibility is necessary for the day-to-day functions associated with long-term partnerships.Regardless of where they are on the emotional spectrum, don’t disregard newly out gay men immediately.Sometimes the ooey-gooey, messy stuff is the best part—kind of like the melted marshmallow and Hershey bar in the middle of a S’more.7 Perks Of Dating A Newbie Out Gay Guy: Like any newbie out person—whether it’s from divorce, job loss, health issues, etc.—anytime someone is newly out, or coming out of a life changing experience, it’s important to check-in with your own personal values and determine how much of someone’s personal journey you’re ready to take on.

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This establishes an imbalance of power within your relationship, and can cause relationship turmoil.

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