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Play cosplay dating game

And love how is it full of references to the other games- I believe I figured most (if not all) of them. I passed the test with just (i think) 4-5 more point than the necesary one. I envy the developer.......anyway ..........this time I did not reach the target.......even with the Notes from Kage5243...............If the target is to have fun with every chick...... If the target is to be the best student AND have fun with the 3 chicks........baaaaaad times!!!!!!I enjoyed this game because it was like the old school dating sims, where you build up points and win girls with gifts.However the sex scenes weren`t incredible, and were repetitive.All that said, this game is great, wish it was longer and Reiko is my favorite.I managed all 3 girls, it is really easy, just get the 3 stats to pass exam to 50, get swag and popularity to 50 and than just focus on a girl, you can talk to each girl 2 times per day so it is really easy to get her to 150ish point so you can finally bang them.

But, the game was incredibly detailed and the girls were gorgeous.

It wasn`t too hard nor easy to figure things out even though I felt Kendra -- Naomi was the order of difficulty from easiest to hardest based on my experiences.

I got Kendra in one try, Reiko in two and Naomi took four.

Overall though, 8/10 and definitely worth an orgasm or two.

A good way to beat the game is to focus on getting your culture and science to 25, and then work on your popularity.

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Multiple endings are great and the sandbox feel of this game makes it so much fun.

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