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Perception, fear, myth and prejudice continue to limit understanding and acceptance of disability in workplaces everywhere.Myths abound, including that persons with disabilities are unable to work and that accommodating a person with a disability in the workplace is expensive.Contrary to these notions, many companies have found that persons with disabilities are more than capable.This sheet provides anecdotal examples of the reasons given for not employing persons with disabilities, and the benefits to companies that have. Many are still hesitant to take on employees with disabilities because they believe they may create problems in the workplace.Of the approximately 24.5 million persons with disabilities in 2000, some 78.7% said they had a maximum of seven years of schooling.

Yet persons with disabilities face the same predicament everywhere.

Where adjustments are required, the average cost would be only £80 (7).

A 2004 survey found that only 35% of working-age persons with disabilities are in fact employed, compared to an employment rate of 78% in the rest of the population.

This section enables creditors and key stakeholders of various Lines Henry appointments to view and download statutory reports on the progress made by Lines Henry on specific formal insolvency appointments.

To access these reports you will need to input the case password provided to you by us in our latest correspondence.

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The World Bank's projects and operations are designed to support low-income and middle-income countries' poverty reduction strategies.

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