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Middle age free sex cam

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He battled depression, going through dark periods when he refused to take medication, and he suffered psychotic fits.

In July 2005, under the handle "spooky," Mark posted a request on the Web site alt.suicide.methods: "Does anyone have details of hanging methods where there isn't access to anything high up to tie the rope to.

I've read that people have taken their own lives in jail, anybody know of inventive methods, the ones you don't get to read in the paper."A few weeks later, Mark's older sister, Carol, drove down from Leeds to visit the family.

The very act of logging on to a site like alt.suicide.methods (ASM) or alt.suicide.holiday (ASH) offers a potentially suicidal person the chance of finding support, redemption, or relief from the loneliness that led him there in the first place.

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