Hammond organ serial number dating

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Hammond organ serial number dating

Aeolian-Skinner evidently purchased the Hammond mechanisms and installed them in their own cabinets designed to look similar to the "B" model.This plate inside the tone generator section identifies the mechanism as Hammond.

Here is a closer view of the air motor, chain drive and the two primary stacks.

Looking from the front at the actuating pneumatics for the lower manual.

these pnematics are located behind the sloping panel below the keyboards.

The smaller black tube to the left of the larger black tube fed the vacuum motor for the roll mechanism.

The right picture shows the later version that had a wood distribution box located in this area with the vacuum supply for the vacuum motor coming from this distribution box.

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In the process of collecting almost 250 Aeolian/Hammond rolls I ended up buying three Aeolian/Hammond organs.