Fluoridating geelong waters

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Journalist It's won wide notoriety for the pioneering part it's played in fluoridation in Australia. But, for decades, adding fluoride to the water was highly controversial. Stephen Bennett The amount of people with a passion for and against fluoride far outweighs anything outrageous a politician can do. Dr Michael Foley Let's sit you back and I'll have a quick look.

NARRATIONTraditionally, the Queensland State Government has left the decision to add fluoride to local councils.

Dr Michael Foley I'm not going to criticise the government, but the decision and the legislation was not based on the health of Queenslanders - and, as a health professional, that disturbs me.

NARRATIONCiting financial concerns along with community pressure, more than a dozen councils have pulled the plug on fluoridation. Mal Forman When I was elected as mayor, I made a commitment to the public and my people that I would not support the fluoridation of our city. Stephen Bennett We all know that there's a few consistent things that came through.

Dr Michael Foley And that stronger mineral is then more resistant to the acid that causes tooth decay.

Remember Mrs Marsh used to talk about, 'It gets in like liquid gets into this chalk'? It strengthens the enamel, makes it much, much more resistant to acid.

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There are so many studies saying that it's safe when it's used properly. Local councillors usually aren't scientists, and, by their own admission, don't feel qualified to make these decisions.

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