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David deangelo bridges dating bonuses

Girls Nights and Girl Time usually consists of a bunch of women talking about men, sex and relationships.

Pretty sure I have never had a serious political debate or casual conversation about sports, the economy or anything of substance during a girls night.

Well, you can spend months (if not years) and thousands of dollars trying out new things, until you find something that eventually works. You can have me (your own personal double agent and new best friend) teach you step-by-step what’s going on in a woman’s mind, and how you can transform yourself in to the kind of guy that women go crazy for. I am your new best friend and LAST female friend you will ever have.B) You’re on a first date with a girl, and everything is going smoothly and you’re really hitting it off.But as the date is winding down, you go in for the good night kiss and all you get is a peck on the cheek.The reason she (and loads of other women) approached him, and actually OFFERED to give him her number, was because from the very second that she spotted him, she saw that he was different from everybody else.He had unique qualities to offer her, which NONE of the other guys around her did – and she didn’t want to lose him. Women want to be with guys who are different from everyone else, and can take them on adventures that other guys simply cannot.

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