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Continue reading → That’s the teaser for Bridge Constructor Portal coming from Headup Games.

It’s a fully licensed standalone Portal game that mixes the engineering and physics puzzles of a normal bridge constructor title with GLa DOS and turrets.

Despite some widely reported technical issues, it appears Battlegrounds will be as big of a hit on consoles as it is on the PC. Beyond Skyline is a fitting sequel to Skyline in that the only interesting thing that happens happens at the end. Is that what’s going to happen to the magical superbaby in Beyond Skyline?

In the case of the first Skyline, there was a body-swapping twist that made no sense, but was at least an intriguing premise. The John Connor character is someone I would like to see in action.

Otherwise, skip to one of the other sections: Where to Live, How to Find a Place to Live, How to Find Work, How to Set Up a Bank Account, Transportation in London, Living in London FAQs.

There is lots of information about working abroad, but if you're coming to the UK to work and you don't have a UK or EU passport, you're most likely going to need a work visa.

The expansion obviously takes its inspiration from H.

Redhook has announced the next DLC for Darkest Dungeon. London is one of the world's best cities and a truly unique place to live.I've written this guide to try to clarify the process by addressing the most important issues you'll likely face when moving here.A cool Australian actor named Callan Mulvey plays Dennis Hopper from Apocalypse Now. The best part of Beyond Skyline is the handful of outtakes that play over the credits.When one of the stuntmen in an alien suit can’t quite finesse what he’s supposed to be doing with his dumb alien claw gloves and an alien plasma bomb, Frank Grillo affectionately teases the poor guy.

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UK website will tell you in plain English what type of visa you'll need and the requirements that go along with it.