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I have never thought of myself as big until my wife got a 8inch dildo i thought good thats big so i mesured it and myself and i was .5inch bigger i could not really see my penise from my view looking down.The first gril i ever loved told me i was to big i realy thought she was making an excuse she was 19years old then.

Have you ever actually met a real live girl because if you have it is obvious you have never spoken to one because you have no idea what is going on in our minds, your off base on nearly all your views and you seem to have a rather poor idea about the values of most women.She is a pretty typical women (5'7") with slim figure -- slender long limbs and smallish breasts. When we were in the hottest phase of our affair she once conceded to my request to know just how deep she was.The results were very consistent as with the penis extensions -- about 8 inches max.Also we have a good collection of toys but her choice is a small vibe unit. My current bf is only about 5" and usually the sex is fine but other times it feels little. Also theres much more to pleasing a woman than penis size.I coming to the realization that I'm an intelligent, well educated, good looking guy, who owns his own business, and could have had it ALL, but made foolish choices because of my big dick (and my big ego that came with it). Its becoming a turn off that hes sensitive about his size. I went to a girlfriends college party and met a guy who I had oral sex with(too much drinking). Fargo: From Fargo to Janice, Hey, lady thanks for the nice words and you're right I am kind of a smart ass (with the accent on the latter and shorter of those two words sometimes).

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Many of the posters are not only prevaricators (e.g., 50% or more with 7 inch penises and women who claim to be able to accomadate 12 - 14"in their vaginas).

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  1. It is something about having you on his arm, but anytime you are together, there is a chip on his shoulder that you find charming, yet playfully challenging. His wacky impressions or dry sarcasm, you like it all.